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Machine embroidery, Flagmaking, Waterpolo caps

A short history of our company

Merána Kft. was founded in 1991 in Budapest, Hungary, and took it’s name compiled from the lastnames of the founding members. At the beginning our purpose was embroidery digitizing, but with the ages our line of work widened; today our main profile is machine embroidery, embroidered flag production and waterpolo cap production. Ever since it’s founding, our company resided in Budapest, Hungary. The company is a family business, where two generations work together.

Our services

Why choose us?

With 30 years of experience in machine embroidery, we always maintain high quality standards, short deadlines, and low prices.

More than 30 years of experience

Our main line of work has been digitizing and producing machine embroideries since 1991.

Short deadlines

We always work with the shortest possible deadlines, mostly within 1 week.

High quality

We only use in-house developed applications for digitizing, thus ensuring the highest possible quality embroidery.

Low prices

Depending on the estimated stitch count, we always work with the lowest possible prices.

Our services

Machine embroidery, Logos

Both unique and large quantity orders, embroidering on ready made garments as well as on cut fabric.



High quality, uniqely finished embroidered flags for municipalities, schools, churches, firefighters or the armed forces.


Waterpolo cap production

6 panel waterpolo caps, by piece or in bundle, or in quantities reaching a thousand pieces, with optional logos.


Machine embroidery, Logos

Embroidering ready made products or cut fabric

To prepare an offer , we always need a picture or graphic about the sample that you would like to have embroidered. There is no need for vectorgraphics, a simple .jpg would do, as long as it is proportional to the original sample.

The wished size of the embroidery should also be settled before we make an offer. It is good to know, that in case the sample contains a script or a text, any letters smaller than 5mm in height look seldom nice when embroidered, and are almost always illegible.

The properties of the textile or material that we should embroider on also influence the quality of the embroidery. When embroidering on looped fabrics or polar fleece, wider letters or thicker fills are often necessaey to make smaller logos look good. Almost all types of fabrics can be embroidered; before making an offer we always clear up possible limits and restrictions.

The position of the logo or embroidery could sometimes depend on the size and parameters of the garment or fabric we have to use. In case of T-shirts or sweaters there are very few issues, but for bags, coats or caps, we have to see how the certain item can fit in the hoops the machines use.

To choose the colours of the embroidery, we always recommend a personal meeting. Sometimes thread colours chosen based on a Pantone or RGB catalogue are substantially different in reality. During a personal meeting we can show a sample of each thread, thus helping to find the best matching colours.

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There is no need of vector graphics, a simple jpg would do.

The size often depends on the limitations of the material that needs to be embroidered.

In case the sample contains a script, or a text, it is important that letters smaller than 5mm in height look seldom nice when embroidered, and are almost always illegible.

Logos that go on the front of a T-shirt, or sweater are usually around 10cm * 10cm in size, and logos that go on the back are mostly around 25cm * 25cm.

Largest dimensions for embroideries are around 40cm * 50cm, or around 240cm width for a script or text. Larger dimensions may be produced depending on the original sample.

Almost all kinds of fabrics can be embroidered. Before making an offer, we always clear possible limits and restrictions.

KIn case of ready-made items (bags, coats, shoes, etc.) it is important how the embroidery hoop can fit inside or on top of the item. We always discuss any limitations before giving an offer.

When embroidering coats, it is important that the filling of the coat should be easily removable, otherwise the embroidery might damage the coat.

It is best to have a personal meeting for choosing the right color threads.

Thread colors determined by Pantone or RGB catalogues are often substantially different in reality. The same color thread of two different thread manufacturers are almost without exception many shades different.

The estimated stitch count, the size of the sample that should be embroidered, and the complexity of it.

The quantity. The more pieces you order, the price per piece is more likely to be less.

Technical parameters. It is often easier to embroider on a cut fabric than on a ready-made product.

In person, or depending on the size and quantity of the order, we can have it delivered to you.

Payment can happen via bank transfer or in cash on delivery.

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